Sunday, October 14, 2012


My good friend Jason Anderson and I, have spent the last five years, working this project. His idea about the big Mechs got my attention... he showed me some nice mechs designs he did and I loved the idea. So... I worked the final mech designs and all the human characters faces. At the begining, this project was a nice team work, with Kurt Hathaway as writer and Misty Coats, Dani (Danimation) and Simon Bork as colorists.  We were building a fantastic book. But unfortunately, in those days, I had several personal issues with my wife in hospital... she had a surgery accident and she entered in coma.

We had to stop the project. All the team work understood my situation and all of them waited for me while I was a witness of my wife fighting for her life. Thanks God everything came better and my wife saved her life. She waked up from the coma and we needed two years for a very long and painful recovery. Two fucking years with a lot of suffering, with her learning to walk again, with her stomach learning to eat again, but this wonderful woman made it. Today... she is in perfect conditions. She is my fucking hero ever!!!

After all this, the project couldn't work. The writer and the colorists had to move on, and my good friend Jason and I, never stop thinking on Dread Force. So, once my wife came back to her regular life... every night before I went to sleep, I always stayed working layouts and new ideas for Dread Force's story.  I felt like it was my fault that the book was never realised, I felt responsable for it and it becomes an obsesion for me. I checked the scripts over and over (it supposed to be a three issues story) and I find a lot of mistakes, I started writing ideas, fixing details, creating concepts. I didn't realised how it happened, but I ended with the first season, sixteen issues of a nice story with a lot of great action and human characters with nice story behind them.

So, I talk to my friend Jason, I let him knew my thoughts and how I felt responsable about it. I felt a personal issue to finish this project and he understood me. So... the last three years, we had work hard on it. We tried to get a colorist and we haven't good luck. It's not easy to find such a good colorist as the old team did. Simon and Misty did some awesome interior pages on issue one, and we couldn't find a replacement for them... so sad. But since the story had a big change, all will be redone. Yes... that beautiful and amazing color on issue one that they colored (and nobody see it yet)... will have to be redone at all.

OK, right now. Jason and I are working together in redoing the series in order to bring it to live. I changed a lot of stuff, new characters, new scripts, new story direction and new nice pages.

Dread Force, is a comic book with nice huge mechs, spectacular battle fields and a lot of great action. But the story is not about mechs... the Dread Force's story it's about human survival, human priorities, human relationships, fear, hungry, fury... real human behaviors. This is the story of a big survivors group, that had find the secret to destroy those monster Mechs that acclaimed the earth for them... 

                                 ...DAWN OF THE DREAD FORCE, IS COMING SOON!  

                                                    Dread force Created by Jason Anderson and Gerardo Sandoval. 
                                                                              Dawn of the Dread Force. Copyright © Jaran Studios.

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