Tuesday, July 22, 2014


 A great news that I couldn't talk about and now is all there to know: Mr. Alex Ross will be doing the first main Guardians 3000 covers YES ALEX ROSS!!! Shit, what a great news!
I'll be working as the variant cover artist for the first six issues and thereafter I'll be working as the main cover artist too. 

By the way,what a lovely comment from the amazing writer Dan Abnett:
"I love his work. He did a fantastic job on the 10-pager. There's enormous dynamism and energy in what he does, which I think is terrific. The characters all seem very likable. They all seem very appealing. Even though it's a bleak future, I don't want it to be a depressing book. I want it to be energized and full of vitality and vigor, and the idea of that despite everything they are friends and are doing everything they can.

I think Gerardo has got exactly the right style to do that, and some of the design work that he's done is extremely exciting. I couldn't ask for a better artist, really. I think his work looks great, and that cover was amazing."

Thank you very much Dan.

You can read the full Dan's interview along with the Alex cover #1 layouts here:

Thursday, July 3, 2014


The original cover art, this pice was done with Copic pen 0.03, 0.05 in the very thin lines and 90% nibs. Size 11X17" in Marvel official artboards paper.

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